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Educational Tool Added to NAID Marketing Repertoire

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As of today, there is a new category within the Members’ Only section of the NAID web site, called "NAID Advisories." It will be a repository for a series of new educational marketing tools that each expound on one particular aspect of information disposal or destruction. They are designed for use in refuting misinformation, confronting objections, and establishing that NAID Members are the best alternative for information destruction. The intent is to eventually have a full compliment of advisories addressing as wide a range of issues as necessary to confront the challenges members face in the marketplace.

The first to be posted in this section is titled, "Recycling is insufficient to meet regulatory compliance." Additional advisories will be added on a regular basis.

Other upcoming titles to be posted in the coming weeks include the following:

  • Comparing in-house and outsourced document destruction programs
  • Small offices benefit from outsourcing document destruction
  • Compliance requires destruction of incidental business records on a daily basis
  • Landfilling is insufficient to meet regulatory compliance
  • What businesses need to know if their information destruction is subcontracted to a third party

NAID Members should feel free to recommend subject matter or titles for future advisories. The goal is to add them at the rate of one per week.

NAID Members are free to download the advisories. They can then either email them or print and mail them to prospects.

The NAID Advisories may not be excerpted in part or in whole. Nor may they be posted to web sites. NAID Advisories are copyrighted to NAID and are meant for use only by NAID Members. NAID will exhaust any and all available remedies to protect its copyright.

NAID Members may access the NAID Advisories section on the NAID web site by clicking here: