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NAID Europe Conference Boasts Solid Curriculum

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Planners of the 2005 NAID-Europe Conference are delighted to announce that the slate of presenters is set and the quality of speakers has exceeded their original expectations.

Europe’s foremost authorities on privacy, data protection, security and the information destruction industry will discuss issues ranging from cross-border compliance to background screening and Identity Theft. In addition, NAID-Europe membership growth and the future of NAID-Certification in Europe will be discussed.

Planners also included subjects regarding office grade wastepaper including trends in regional and global consumption, as well as the worldwide debut of a new technology that automatically sorts shredded office paper at extremely high production rates.

The 2005 NAID-Europe Conference, will be held on October 24-25, 2005 in Frankfurt Germany. For the first time, all programs will be available in German and English.

The first round of conference information and registration materials will be in the mail this week. In the meantime, most materials and information is already available on the NAID website. Simply click on the banner advertisement at the top right margin of this e-bulletin.