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NAID Roadshow Hits the Highway in November

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Originally, NAID intended to offer its one-day information destruction seminars to consumers in various U.S. cities this September. However, because of conflicts with related events such as the ARMA and ASIS conferences, as well as insufficient lead time, the first three "test" events will be held the first half of November.

Sessions are designed not so much to help destruction companies, but to educate consumers on issues they need to know to make good destruction decisions. Among the topics currently being considered for the event are:

  • Current Legislation Impacting Information Destruction
  • Information Destruction and Litigation Support
  • Information Destruction during Litigation, Investigations and Audits
  • Everything You Need to Know about Destroying Information on Computers
  • Identifying and Limiting the Practical Vulnerabilities of an Information Destruction Program
  • Necessary Elements of an Information Destruction Policy
  • International Issues Related to Data Protection and Information Destruction
  • How Reconstruction Software Impacts Traditional Destruction Practices
  • Encryption Basics and Practical Application Strategies
  • How to Implement a Destruction Program
  • In-House v. Outsourcing Information Destruction
  • Information Destruction Issues related to Homeland Security

The first seminars will be offered in San Francisco, Chicago and Phoenix. Exhibit and sponsorship opportunities at these events will be made available to all NAID Members, including Active, Franchise and Associate. Details for making these arrangements will be published soon.