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The New Jersey House Passes Strong State Disposal Requirement

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While it is not law yet, a bill currently making its way through the New Jersey legislature is one step closer to being code. The New Jersey House of Representatives has passed A4001 that would require all companies doing business in that state to destroy discarded personal information before discarding it.

This bill, if it makes it through intact, will be the strongest law to date. It has all of the definitions and examples of destruction included in FACTA, but, unlike FACTA, it covers the broadest range of personal information we have seen. Also, it contains provisions for fines up to $3,000 per record, significantly higher than those of the recent Texas law, which sets those fines at $500.

A complete text of the law is contained in the Legislative Resource Center on the NAID web site. To link directly to the draft language that passed the New Jersey House of Representatives, click below: