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NAID Scoring Points on the Hill

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NAIDDirect™ has previously reported that there is currently much interest on the part of many federal legislators in expanding protections on personal information beyond that of the FACTA Disposal Rule.

All along NAID has maintained that FACTA "was a good start" but that more was needed.

When a recent article on NAID’s position ran in Roll Call, the Washington D.C. daily newspaper for beltway insiders, it got the attention of the office of Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL). Senator Nelson is the lawmaker who originally introduced the FACTA Disposal Rule.

Coincidentally, Mr. Nelson is currently sponsoring another data protection-related bill; S.768 - Comprehensive ID Theft Prevention Act, and upon learning of NAID, asked for input. His legislative staff is particularly interested in NAID’s comments regarding expanded definitions of what types of personal information require destruction.

Senator Schumer (D-NY) is the co-sponsor of the bill.

This legislation is just one of a number of bills circulating around Capitol Hill, any of which could substantially expand the scope of personal information protection. Quite simply, it is not "if" but "when," and from all indications, it will be sooner rather than later.

A NAID Government Relations delegation will be meeting with Senator Nelson’s legislative staff, as well as the staff of other key policy-makers next week to advise them further on disposal issues.