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NAID 2011 Conference: A Date Worth Saving

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The 2011 NAID Annual Conference Committee is now finalizing what promises to be one the most exciting and creative events the Association has ever hosted.

“The theme ‘Forging the New Heroes of the Data Protection Age’ has been woven into virtually every aspect of planning,” says Paula Oberst, the Conference Committee Chair. 

Paula adds, “Even our two featured speakers are examples of modern day heroes.  First, we have the marketing expert who helped save Harley Davidson and, in doing so, helped create the strongest brand in America.  Then, ten years after the 9/11 tragedy, we get to honor the highest ranking firefighter to survive the collapse of the World Trade Center.”

“But we don’t want people to think this event is only about having speakers who are heroes,” cautions NAID CEO Bob Johnson, “It’s also about helping attendees become their customers’ hero. For instance, for the first time in NAID history, we’ll have representatives from the Federal Trade Commission and Health and Human Services to tell attendees, first-hand, what they need to do protect their clients.” 

Complete details of all the sessions and events will be published next month.  For now, event planners are asking members to mark their calendars for NAID 2011, March 18-20, at the Loew’s Pacific Resort at Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida.

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