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NAID Board Approves Select Certification Modifications

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The NAID Board of Directors recently approved several line-item changes to the NAID Certification Program.

"Access" & "Non-Access" terms will replace "Non-Exempt" & "Exempt" wherever referenced in our documentation.

Video camera criteria includes that the camera system captures images "with sufficient clarity to identify people and their activities." The audit instructions require the auditor to check that the image captures the full range of motion and audits the recorded images back to the 90th day.

The inspection of materials in the garbage/waste collection containers of the facility will be included in the audit.

Paper Media Destruction Process criteria will state that a "preponderance" of the shredded paper produces particle sizes no larger than that listed and that no intact documents should be included in the shredded materials.

The NAID Certification Application will include "sign offs" regarding requests for additional information or documentation, a statement of the validity of the processes and procedures, and agreeing to permit and grant access for random, unannounced audits.

Plant-based Applications must indicate that all operations occur within a building.

Mobile Applicants must indicate whether or not the mobile truck(s) being certified serve other branches/locations for the company and, if so, which ones. Additionally, all drivers for these locations must be included on the employee list.

Effective January 1, 2006, the fee for NAID Certification in the U.S. will increase to $750 for a single audit and $850 for combination audits of both Plant-based and Mobile.

There is a feature article in the upcoming issue of NAIDnews™, out today, discussing the evolution of the NAID Certification Program. The program is going under a whole range of upgrades and refinements that are detailed in depth in the article.