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NAID Road Show Gets Greenlight

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The NAID Board of Directors approved the concept of NAID holding a series of one-day seminars in cities across the country aimed at secure destruction service users and potential users. The content of the seminars will range over a number of timely issues related to information disposal and destruction, such as present and future legislation, compliance strategies, the destruction of electronic media, vendor selection, and policy development.

The Boards approval of the concept was largely determined by the overwhelming response of NAID Members in favor of such events.

Initially, three U.S. cities will be targeted, two large cities, such as Chicago and New York, as well as one medium-sized market, which is yet to be determined. The dates of the first three events will be late September and early October 2005. Additional details are not presently available. If there proves to be a demand for such seminars among consumers, more cities will be added quickly.

NAID has targeted a large number of buying-group associations to which it will market the seminars in each city. In a city like Chicago, that number is close to 10,000 potential attendees. So even though only a small percentage will attend, it is still a significant number of people, probably in the hundreds, all of whom are looking for guidance in this area. NAID has already investigated and learned that such an event will qualify these interested professionals for continuing education points within their fields of expertise.

Local Active and Franchise NAID Members will have the opportunity to exhibit at these seminars as well as sponsor events such as lunch and breaks. Details on exhibiting and sponsorship opportunities related to the NAID Road Show will be made available in June 2005.

Even though advocates of the road show concept acknowledge that it will have marginal immediate benefit to members in small cities, which cannot support such an event, they say that this is far out weighed by the name-recognition NAID will gain among the other buying-group associations, such as ARMA, AHIMA, ASIS and others. These advocates are quick to point out that even though only a small percentage of consumers may actually attend the event, they will all be receiving the promotional materials and, therefore, see that NAID is the voice of the secure shredding industry.