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Voting Alliance Issue Comments Posted

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NAID recently asked for comments from members regarding their opinions and advice on the matter of marketing group representation within the association.

Prompted by the appearance over the last year of the Information Protection Solutions of America (IPSA), the NAID Board is moving quickly to respond to concerns that such groups, now and in the future, could end up exerting undue influence on NAID elections.

The first step was to ask for member input on the matter. That phase has now been completed. The second phase is for the NAID Board to review member comments, conduct an investigation and arrive at some conclusion. Those findings and the recommended policy will then be published for member comment as well, before a final decision is made by the NAID Board of Directors. Should the Board determine that a by-laws change is required, members will be asked to ratify that change at some point in the future.

NAID Members may review all MEMBER COMMENTS on the voting alliance issue by clicking here: