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FACTA Countdown - Media on the Job

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It is less than two weeks until FACTA goes into effect, and two things are very apparent.

First, it is apparent that the impending FACTA Disposal Rule effective date is going to be getting a lot of ink, as they say. NAID Headquarters is fielding an average of 3 to 4 media inquiries per day over the last week or so. These inquiries are mostly in the form of interview requests from print media across the country. Inquiries are coming from everything from the Tulsa Penny Saver to the Wall Street Journal and New York Times and it is increasing as June 1st nears.

Second, it is apparent that the FACTA Disposal Rule may be old news very shortly. That is because other stronger personal information protection legislation is following closely behind. Policy makers are already aware that because FACTA is limited to credit report information or information derived from credit reports, protections and destruction requirements must be expanded. The many hearings in Washington over the last month, in which NAID has been involved or at least monitored, have already resulted in draft legislation that is circulating in the nation’s Capitol.

Stay tuned. The NAID Government Relations Committee is also on the job and up to the task.