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Electronic Stewardship Executive to Address NAID-Canada Conference

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Carol Hochu, executive director of Ontario Electronic Stewardship (OES), has joined the list of speakers addressing the annual data protection conference hosted by NAID-Canada at the Toronto Board of Trade on October 29th. 

“We are delighted that we were able to give OES an opportunity to explain their program for addressing the data protection concerns related to computer recycling,” says Joseph Bozic, chairperson of the non-profit event organizer.  “Ms. Hochu’s comments will have added significance in light of the Canadian Privacy Commissioners’ report earlier this month that many government offices are discarding computers with personal information still on them.”

Computer disposal will also be the topic of a presentation by Peter Klein, who will give additional background on the horrifying environmental and data protection consequences resulting from the all-too-common practice of exporting electronics to developing nations.  Mr. Klein’s nationally televised exposé (Frontline, June ’09) on this subject won an Emmy® for Outstanding Investigative Journalism in a News Magazine on September 27th in New York City.

Among the other highlights of the event, NAID-Canada will also present the findings of its “Discarded Lives” research project, a 6-week investigation into the amount of personal and trade secret information accessible in Toronto’s commercial trash bins.

Even though the final results of the study are still being compiled by the firm commissioned to conduct the investigation, the early indications are that a surprising amount of personal information is being casually discarded intact. 

Ms. Hochu, Mr. Klein and the release of the “Discarded Lives” research findings will take place at NAID-Canada’s annual data protection seminar titled “Your Data or Your Life” held at the Toronto Board of Trade on October 29,2010.  On October 28th, one day prior, NAID-Canada will host “Industry Day,” which is exclusive for secure destruction industry participants.

Click here for Conference details and Registration Form for both days (Industry Day (28th) and Consumer Day (29th) of the 2010 Annual NAID-Canada Conference.