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NEW NAID Board Takes Reigns

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As required by the NAID By-laws, the Annual General Membership business meeting is held at the annual conference. During that meeting this year, the elections for the subsequent 2005/2006 NAID Board of Directors were held.

The 2005/2006 NAID Board of Directors consists of the follow NAID Active Member-company representatives:

President: Chris Ockenfels: (Advanced from President-Elect)

President-Elect: Al Judkiewicz: (Elected)

Treasurer: Chet Hinton: (Elected)

Secretary: Tom Simpson: (Elected)

Past President: John Bauknight IV: (Advanced from President)

Director: Nathan Campbell: (Elected – First time BoD Member)

Director: Tom McGinnis: (Elected – First time BoD Member)

Director: John Miller: (Elected)

Director: Tim Oberst: (Mid-term)

Director: Nate Segall: (Mid-term)

Director: Kevin Smith: (Elected – First time BoD Member)

Vendor Liaison: Pat Connor: (Mid-term)

To send an email directly to the entire NAID Board of Directors, click here:

For complete contact information for the 2005/2006 NAID Board of Directors, Committees, and Staff, click here: