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Membership Renewal Period Coming to a Close

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Any company, not having paid the 2005 Membership Dues by March 31, 2005, will cease to be a NAID Member at the close of business on that day.

This deadline has been established under the NAID By-laws which state that any company more than 60 days overdue on payments to the association shall have all Membership benefits terminated.

Last year, four firms had to repay an Initiation Fee because they allowed this date to pass unintentionally. NAID Management is doing all it can to make sure that no memberships lapse because they were unaware.

In 2004, NAID lost less than 4% of its membership as a result of non-renewal. That is a remarkably low number compared to general association statistics across the U.S.

According to the current renewal statistics, NAID management expects a similarly low rate of attrition this year.