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2005 NAID Conference Takes Epic Scale

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In promoting any event, people expect some hype. That said, it is hard to relate the current level of interest and excitement about the upcoming NAID Annual Conference.

For the first time in NAID history, every possible sponsorship opportunity has been underwritten by a NAID Member.

For the first time, we are looking at a soccer field sized area to put the 17 plus mobile and collection trucks set to be on hand.

For the first time, one night of the NAID hotel room block exceeded the original guarantee before the conference brochure even hit the streets. (We have since added rooms so they are available again.)

There is no doubt that these "firsts" indicate that this year’s NAID Conference will be epic in proportion to any previous event NAID has held. If in your life you only plan to attend one NAID Conference, this is the one it should be.

To see why so many are excited about the NAID Conference, go to or just click on the conference banner ad in the right margin.