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NAID Ready with HIPAA - Small Covered Entity Brochure

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Within the next two weeks, NAID will be mailing members yet another new marketing brochure. This latest marketing tool targets small HIPAA-related covered entities such as doctors, dentists, therapists, counselors, etc.

While most large HIPAA-related covered entities are already doing something to comply with the protections required by HIPAA, small covered entities represent a very large untapped market.

The strategy for the development of future NAID-generated marketing brochures is to target vertical markets that have large untapped potential. Among the areas that these brochures will focus next are the accounting and legal fields.

These brochures will be more highly focused than those like FACTA, Shred for All the Right Reasons, and WHY SHRED so the demand and the quantities in which they can be ordered by members will be reduced.