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Broadcast News Section Posted to NAID Web Site

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Late last week NAID was successful in posting a new section to It is called BROADCAST NEWS STORIES and is designed to host a large collection of video clips of incidents involving the unauthorized release of confidential information. To date, NAID has obtained permission to post three recent newscasts. No news organization has denied NAID permission, largely because the site is posted as a public service. By accumulating this footage in one concise location on the web, the public, as well as policy-makers, have access to them in a way that conveys the magnitude of the problem.

Among the three stories now posted, is the incident reported in the last issue of NAIDDirect™, involving an I.D. Theft ring in Phoenix, AZ, that was obtaining their raw information from a dumpster behind a local medical facility.

In addition, there is a story from Minnesota, involving a $140,000 monetary award to a student whose education records were strewn over a school playground. And lastly, an investigative piece from south Florida, involving a dumpster full of abandoned legal records.

In order for this page to keep growing, members need to alert NAID of such newscasts in their area. The sooner NAID hears about them the better.

The BROADCAST NEWS STORIES are linked by a graphic in the lower left corner of the NAID home page.

For a quick look at the new addition to the NAID web site, click here: