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Personal Information Exposed After Portsmouth Tax Service Improperly Disposes Documents

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WTKR NewsChannel 3 – Portsmouth, Virginia

December 13, 2010- Liberty Tax Service exposed countless customers to identity theft when they improperly disposed of “mounds” of personal information contained in documents. Liberty did comment after being reached by NewsChannel 3, and local enforcement could get involved. Martin Thomas, Jr. with the Decker Law Firm says it's a class 2 misdemeanor under state law which reads, "They may not dispose of, for the purpose of solicitation by mail or otherwise, the name or address of the person for whom such return is prepared."

Even if law enforcement doesn’t get involved, victims of the poor disposal are making themselves heard. "If you had your taxes done with Liberty, be careful because your information is probably in that dumpster out there along with mine,” states Cynthia Wilson, a former customer.

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