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NAID-Canada Conference to Attract Privacy Professionals

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On February 17 - 18, 2005, NAID-Canada will host its first, annual conference. The event, called "FOCUS CANADA: Understanding Current Privacy Policy Issues," is designed to attract all professionals who could benefit from learning more about the requirements of current privacy policy, as well as the numerous laws which are pending. The conference will be held at the Renaissance Hotel-Toronto at SkyDome.

To date, all of our conferences have aimed strictly at information destruction companies. With FOCUS CANADA, the curriculum and speakers are geared toward professionals that must deal with these new privacy regulations to do their jobs.

In order to attract people from business and government whose job responsibilities are affected by privacy issues, NAID-Canada is lining up actual policymakers and public commentators to address these topics. Some have recognizable names, others have high visible areas of responsibility. But either way, attendees will be getting the information directly from the source.

It is not that data destruction firms are not being invited, in fact, just the opposite.

This presents a unique opportunity for all data destruction companies. This is a conference where they can not only learn all they need to know about current and future privacy legislation, but they can also meet the policymakers and network with scores of people that deal with privacy issues in the workplace – many of whom are potential clients or can refer clients. It is an unparalleled networking opportunity.

The event is open to all interested parties.

Conference materials will be distributed soon. Specific questions about the event, can be emailed to