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Auditor Training November 3rd

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This coming Wednesday, November 3rd, NAID will conduct its first NAID Certification Auditor Training seminar aimed at improving the quality and consistency of NAID Certification audits.  

At the one-day event, NAID’s contracted network of independent auditors, all of whom are accredited by ASIS International as Certified Protection Professionals, will spend a day learning more about the secure shredding industry, the history of the industry and NAID, and a range of other "audit-related" subjects.

The Certification Committee is also looking to these security professionals for their input.

The CPP is the highest recognized accreditation available to private sector security professionals. NAID’s network of independent CPPs have been in the field for well over a year. There is much to learn from their experience and NAID will use the opportunity to gather their thoughtful advice.

At this point, the NAID Certification Committee has not determined how often this training will take place. It is doubtful that it will be necessary on an annual basis, but it will surely happen on some type of regular schedule.