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2005 NAID conference Booth Space Crunch Expected

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The good news is that NAID was able to expand the available exhibit booth space for the 2005 Conference to 76 booths. There were approximately 64 exhibit booths used in the NAID Pavilion in San Diego last May. The bad news, for those exhibitors that choose to hold out until the last minute, is that it will still not be enough.

While the 2005 NAID Conference (San Antonio/April 6 - 8, 2005) is still about five months out, the EXPO is 80% sold. And there remain a significant number of vendors that exhibited last year who have not acted yet. Of last year’s exhibitors, many have increased the number of booths they reserved.

Exhibitors that have not yet reserved their space are encouraged to contact NAID as soon as possible to do so.

The EXPO will be a "crunch" in another way as well. Conference planners are anticipating nearly 1,000 participants this year. NAID exhibitors have gotten used to wall-to-wall traffic. The level of EXPO traffic in San Antonio will without a doubt be raised to new heights.

The traffic jam will extend outside of the EXPO too. According to a poll of mobile truck manufacturers shortly after the last conference, NAID is expecting between 20 and 25 mobile shredding trucks on hand for demonstrations.

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