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Medical/I.D. Theft Report has Something for Everybody

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On Tuesday, October 26th, there was a "dumpster diving" incident that made the local news in Phoenix, AZ. These pop up from time to time but this report covered every angle. Two women were arrested in a hotel room with a dozen bags of trash being sorted for personal information to use for I.D. fraud (Identity Theft Angle). Authorities noticed that the bags were from a small medical facility in the area (HIPAA angle). The local news teams went to the facility only to find a dozen more bags full of medical information (Small Covered Entities angle). Included in the trash was not only the medical information, but also personal and financial information (GLB and FACTA angle). Finally, dozens of discarded insurance cards were found both in the trash and in the women’s hotel room (Non-paper Media Destruction angle).

NAID has obtained a copy of the newscast and is exploring the possibility of posting it to the web site. If it is practical to post it there, it will be up sometime early next week. A notice will be sent out at that time.

We are also exploring the possibility of getting it reproduced in a DVD format to make it available off-line to members as economically as possible. This report would dovetail nicely with the new HIPAA SMALL COVERED ENTITY brochure which is in the final stages of production.

NAID will also follow up on the story to see where it goes from here. Hopefully, the doctor involved in what is arguably a case of blatant criminal negligence, will be held accountable. It was covered by all the local networks, most of whom said they would follow up with the doctor the next day.