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Prepaid Legal Services Acknowledges NAID Certification in Data Protection Product

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Prepaid Legal Services® (PPL) recently added a statement to its standard Identity Theft Protection Compliance product, acknowledging that NAID AAA Certification provides the regulatory due diligence required by FACTA (Final Disposal Rule and Red Flags Rule).

PPL, a publicly traded company listed on the New York Stock Exchange, originally rose to prominence with its innovative approach to providing legal services, has more recently become known as a leader in providing organizations with legally required data protection programs.  PPL has over 50,000 independent sales representatives in the field.

This referral follows over 2 years of discussions initiated by NAID, urging PPL to address the fact that more and more of its customers outsource their document destruction and yet were given no clear advice on vendor selection in the implementation documents.  That omission is now addressed.