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Europe Welcomes World Shred 2004

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Registrations have already begun flowing in for the WORLD SHRED 2004 conference to be held in Birmingham, England on the 30th of November through the 1st of December. With the conference brochure only going out last Thursday, that is a strong indication that the conference planners will achieve their attendance goals.

Another indication of the health of the event is the degree to which exhibitors are supporting it. There are already more exhibitors signed up at this point - two months out - than exhibited last year. In the U.S., the NAID Conference did not hit the 18 exhibitor mark until its 6th year. WORLD SHRED will probably hit that number in its second year. Additionally, planners are expecting 4 mobile units to be displayed and demonstrated outside the conference venue. Last year there was one mobile truck on hand for demonstration.