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Ethics Complaints Increase on NAID Certification Claims

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The NAID Complaint Resolution Council (CRC) is reminding every NAID member that NAID CERTIFIED, or any variation of it, is only to be used by Active NAID Members who have successfully achieved it by completing the necessary audit.

NAID CERTIFICATION is different and separate from NAID Membership and should not be confused. Members must even attest that they understand the difference in the NAID Membership application.

There has recently been a spike in substantiated complaints reported to the CRC where NAID ACTIVE Members are falsely claiming to be NAID CERTIFIED.

One of the primary reasons for the formation of NAID was to clean up an industry where false claims were common place. For that reason, NAID Members need to understand that the CRC views falsely invoking NAID CERTIFICATION to be among the most egregious ethical violations.

There have even been a few cases where NAID Members, and non-members, claim to meet the NAID CERTIFICATION standards; instead of saying they are NAID CERTIFIED. The CRC has determined this is misleading on two fronts. First, it is an obvious attempt to invoke the benefits of the NAID CERTIFICATON program by parsing words to mislead the marketplace, and second, one of the requirements of NAID CERTIFICATION is an annual audit. Without the audit, no company can truthfully say they meet the criteria.

Every NAID Member will be asked to confirm they understand the difference between NAID Membership and NAID CERTIFICATION in the dues renewal notices that will be distributed in December.