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NAID Auditor Training Scheduled

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In January of 2003, NAID began using a network of independently contracted security professionals to conduct NAID Certification audits. Among the various criteria required of auditors was that they were accredited by ASIS International as Certified Protection Professionals (CPP).

The result of the change was a significant increase in the quality of NAID Certification audits. With a limited number of auditors, conducting audits month in and month out, NAID has in place a network of security professionals that are highly tuned to the issues and operations of information destruction companies.

Now, more than 21 months into the new program, the NAID Certification Committee and the NAID Board is hoping to take the auditors’ knowledge of the industry to the next level.

On November 3, 2004, the first NAID Certification Auditor Training Course will take place in Phoenix. The curriculum will include sessions on equipment, interacting with applicants, handling disputes and non-compliance in the field, and areas of the audit that are susceptible to misrepresentation.

This will also give the auditors’ an opportunity to provide feedback on the program. These auditors are an extremely valuable NAID resource. We can learn as much from them about security as they can learn from us about the secure shredding business.