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NAIDnews to Tackle Selling FACTA

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Many NAIDDirect readers have already received the latest edition of NAIDnews. The September issue of NAIDnews went out to the entire industry, NAID member or not. That will not happen again until late next year.

By the time the next issue of NAIDnews hits the streets, the "Disposal Rule" within the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACTA) will be a reality. The NAIDnews editorial staff is already gearing up for a complete run down on how to best capitalize on the new demand created by this legislation.

Stay tuned to NAID in the meantime. We are counting down to the release of the FACTA Final Disposal Rule and NAID will be the best source for interpreting and capitalizing on it.

A new NAID brochure aimed at those covered by FACTA will also be on the streets shortly after the release of the Final Disposal Rule.