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Filming Begins on NAID Compliance Video This Month

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Filming of the forthcoming NAID sales and training video is scheduled to start next week.  The resulting video, which will run between 12 and 14 minutes when completed, will be primarily used to help customers conduct their legally required employee data protection training.  Titled “IT’S UP TO YOU: What Employees Need to Know about Proper Information Disposal,” the video is designed to be shown when orienting employees on an organization data destruction procedures.

According to NAID CEO Bob Johnson, “The video will prepare the employee to understand why information destruction is important and why compliance with the company’s destruction program is crucial to their jobs.  After viewing the film, employees will have a better basis by which to appreciate the specific policies and procedures of the employer.”

With HHS recently stating the new mandatory HIPAA fines may well hinge on whether or not employees were properly trained, and with many data-related fines over the past 2 years citing poor training as the cause, NAID leadership predicts that tools helping customers establish proper training will be in high demand over the coming months and years.

“As one might suspect,” adds Johnson, “a video helping employees appreciate the importance of proper destruction is also a strong sales tool.  I believe we find it is as useful in explaining the importance of data destruction to decision makers as it is a customer training tool.”

The video itself will be available to members in January.