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WORLD SHRED 2004 Update

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All of the information and registration materials regarding WORLD SHRED 2004 are now posted to the NAID website.

Believe it or not, this will be the first time NAID has ever pulled together a full-day of sales training by a sales training professional with an intimate knowledge of our industry.

Malcolm Gallagher has worked at length with members of the NAID Board and management, as well as other records destruction and records storage operators to study our industry in depth.

NAID members who have heard Mr. Gallagher have acclaimed that his presentation alone is more than worth the price of admission. Many of them paid far more for Mr. Gallagher’s insights.

That is not, by any means, meant to short change the other sessions. Every session stands on its own as a unique opportunity to learn something that will increase your business and profits.

And the WORLD SHRED 2004 EXPO is buzzing too. We have more commitments from sponsors and exhibitors than last year – two weeks before the material are mailed. That is unprecedented for any previous NAID supported conference.

You will see much more very soon. If you would like to review the current information on the NAID web site, click here:

The WORLD SHRED 2004 conference brochure will be mailed on 23rd September 2004.