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Reconstructed Documents Spur Law Suit

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A recently filed law suit alleges Air Canada used "private investigators for the unlawful seizure of WestJet's confidential financial information from Westjet vice president of strategic planning Mark Hill's recycling material at his home in Oak Bay, B.C."

The documents had been completely shredded by Hill before he discarded them, however, Air Canada contracted with ChurchStreet Technology, Inc. using their proprietary document reconstruction software to reassemble the discarded shreds.

Air Canada responded Wednesday by saying it would fight WestJet's claim.

This is a diversionary tactic by WestJet to draw attention away from evidence filed in court by Air Canada on June 28 including the cross examination of one of WestJet's senior vice presidents, that WestJet surreptitiously and continuously for a ten month period, logged into an Air Canada confidential website using automated technology," Air Canada said in a release.