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Medical Records Found in Dumpster

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June 2, 2004 - BJC HealthCare says it's correcting problems that put extremely sensitive patient records in a downtown dumpster.

The records were discovered by two St. Louis men who walked by the open dumpster and noticed the exposed medical records blowing in the breeze.

Among the records were histories of sexually transmitted diseases, chemical addictions and psychological disorders.

A St. Louis woman is outraged after News 4 told her that her medical records were found in the dumpster.

"I’ve worked with a psychiatrist there, I’ve had therapy there and it's like now people are going to know why I went there and what was wrong with me," said the woman contacted by News 4 who wanted to remain anonymous.

BJC issued a statement saying, "The problem was related to both human error and administrative oversight. Steps were put in place to ensure that the situation does not recur. Patient records should be completely secured at all times, and we consider this a serious error."