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CSDS Training Starts the First Week of October – Fee Structure Modified

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The new Certified Secure Destruction Specialist® Accreditation Task Force is gearing up for the launch of the first 10-week CSDS Training Webinars, which begin the first week of October.  There will be two opportunities each of the 10 weeks to attend each webinar.

The Task Force also announced that it is changing the fee structure for the CSDS webinars.  The fee will be based on the webinar connection and not the number of participants.  As NAID Deputy CEO and CSDS® Task Force member Dustin McKissen puts it, “Obviously we don’t have any way of knowing how many people are gathered around one computer to obtain the training, nor is that important to us. The CSDS training fee will now be per webinar link, which is the only thing way we can track it.”

According to NAID CEO Bob Johnson, “Our goal for the training is to cover everything anyone would need to know to pass the CSDS® test in January, or whenever they take the test.  The training will combine the CSDS® resources already provided with sample test questions.  The sample test questions will be the backbone of the training. Even if someone had no interest in the CSDS® accreditation, they will leave this training with a thorough grasp of industry issues.” 

A CSDS® Immersion Training will also be offered at NAID 2011 in Orlando on Friday, March 18th followed by an opportunity to take the CSDS® Test on Sunday, March 20th, the last day of the conference.

Click here for a 10-Week CSDS® Training Series Registration Form, which will begin the first week of October.