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NAID By-Laws Amendment Approved/Posted

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The NAID Board of Directors have unanimously approved two amendments to the NAID By-laws which NAID Active Members will be asked to ratify at the annual General Membership Meeting. One of the amendments implements a policy on the transfer of NAID members if there is a change in the ownership. The other increases the number of Directors’ seats from 4 to 6, with one of the added seats designated to be filled by members from among those paying the maximum membership dues (currently $5,000.00 per year). Including officers and the Vendor Liaison, this amendment will increase the NAID Board of Directors from 10 to 12. It would be effective in the elections that will be held in April of 2005 in San Antonio.

The amendments to the NAID By-laws that were approved by the NAID Board, pending ratification by the members, are posted in the Members Only section of the NAID web site. They can be viewed at