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NAID to Launch Major Government Relations Initiative

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That’s the fact, Jack. Or should we say, that’s the FACTA, Jack? The NAID Board of Directors has concluded that FACTA – Section 628 is our first, best chance to obtain a national shredding law. NAID is in the final negotiations with Government Relations firms to work toward that goal. The focus of the effort is the "Comment Period" which will commence with the release of the draft rule. The release of the rule has been slated for tomorrow, April 16, 2004 and should last from 30 to 60 days. More will be released soon.

All NAID members will be asked to play a role in working toward a strong FACTA document destruction provision. NAID Members will receive a special notice as soon as the rule is released which should happen before the weekend. When it is posted to the NAID web site it will be located in the Legislative Resource center (bottom left margin).