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NAID Company Reaches a Decade of NAID Certification

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The first time AAA Certified Confidential Security Corp, (CSC) received its AAA NAID Certification was March 5, 2000 – ten years ago.  In fact, the Peoria, IL-based company was the first to achieve that status.  So it did not go unnoticed that, when CSC recently underwent its NAID Certification audit, it marked a decade of compliance.  And boy have things changed in the time since the firm first made that commitment.

Tom Simpson, president of CSC, points out that initially document destruction firms were slow to embrace NAID’s certification. “I saw the value of certification right out the shoot,” says Tom. 

In fact, at the end of the first year there were only 6 NAID Certified member locations. That number will soon move past 800.

“Now, being NAID certified has been embraced by both shredding companies, as well as their clients.   The program gradually caught on, and “it helped to improve and professionalize the industry,” Simpson notes.

“We are proud to achieve our tenth NAID certification, but even more to have been the first document destruction company to become NAID certified,” says Heather Fitzanko, CSC vice president. “NAID certification assures our clients that CSC is following the highest standards and maintaining the ‘legal chain of custody’ in destroying critical documents, micro-media, hard-drives and other materials, in line with growing legal mandates.”

According to NAID CEO Bob Johnson, “Tom and his firm have always played a leadership role in the industry.  Tom’s company is a charter member of NAID. Tom actually led the committee that created NAID Certification, he has served tirelessly on the NAID Board for many years, and is now leading the project to create NAID’s new Professional Liability Insurance product.  He is an industry treasure and we are all a lot better off for his efforts and dedication.”