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Full of Firsts: The 2011 NAID Conference is Unveiling Lots of New Stuff

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The first printing of the NAID 2011 Conference Brochure will hit your desks sometime in the next few days.  In it are a number of “Firsts” for any NAID Annual Conference. Some will stand out. Others might go unnoticed.  Take a look…

First #1: DEEP-SAVER DISCOUNT – A 25% discount is available until December 31st (regular early discount starts after January 1st).

First #2: HELD ON A WEEKEND – The conference will be held on a weekend.  For years, members said they could not attend because of business demands.  Moving it to the weekend solves that dilemma.

First #3: ONLINE REGISTRATION – Ok, this is something other organizations have been doing for years.  But, can you really blame an association where most of the members shred paper for dragging their feet? So, even though it may be “better late than never,” it is already proving to be popular with registrants.

There are other “firsts” too.  For instance, NAID 2011 will mark the first time NAID has had 2 keynote presentations, the first “Block Party” reception in the Truck Display Expo, and a few others being kept under wraps until the event.