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Upcoming CTK Webinars Provide a Head Start on CSDS® Accreditation Training

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With the upcoming CTK Webinar Series about to begin, it is worth reminding members that such training is critical if they intend to pursue the new CSDS® Accreditation, testing for which will initially commence in January 2011.

As those who attended one of the two CSDS® orientations earlier this week learned, though the CTK materials will be 10% of the test, CTK Training will not be included in the 10-week CSDS Training Webinars starting in October and, therefore, must be completed separately.

Click here to obtain the CTK Training Workshop Registration Form.

Click here to obtain the CSDS® 10-week Training Webinar Registration Form.  Note: This training is NOT required to apply for the CSDS® Accreditation Test.

Click here to access the current CSDS® Training Materials.