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North American Industry Leaders to Attend Event

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With a number of speakers at the NAID-Australasia Conference traveling from North America to make presentations, in addition to the usual participation of the association’s executive committee, the event will host a large number of industry leaders.

Among those to be in attendance for the event are. . .

  • Jim Beran of Shred Right located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Jim is NAID’s President.
  • Ray Barry of Total Product Destruction and Total Training based in Spartanburg, North Carolina.  Ray is NAID’s President-elect.
  • Tim Oberst of Ohio Mobile Shredding in Columbus, Ohio. Tim is NAID’s Past President.
  • Angie Keating of Reclamere, Inc., based in Tyrone, Pennsylvania.  Angie is the Chair of the NAID Certification Rules Committee and is considered the founder of NAID’s fast growing electronic destruction sector, along with being one of the foremost authorities on e-destruction and e-recovery.
  • Bob Johnson, NAID CEO and founder.

The participation of these colleagues, some of whom have been in the secure destruction industry for 30 years, represents a great opportunity to learn from common issues and share strategies for overcoming challenges, and develop international relationships with colleagues who set the course for the global organization.