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Sessions on Employee Compliance Key to New and Better Business

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As NAID’s “Compliance” marketing initiative continues to evolve, the regulatory requirement to provide adequate training to employees is emerging as one the brightest opportunities for members to improve sales and develop stronger relationships.

Two of the NAID-Australasia Conference sessions are at the heart of this strategic perspective: “Employee Compliance: The Experts Talk about Strengthening Data Protection’s Weakest Link” and “Critical Elements of Effective Data Destruction Policies.”

According to NAID CEO Bob Johnson, “Even though all the sessions aimed at decision makers are designed to improve their data protection programs, the sessions involving employee compliance and policy development are the most likely to result in better and more destruction opportunities and most closely align with the organization global strategic initiative.”

Johnson also said he expects both consumers and industry participants to leave these sessions with the tools and motivation to implement many of the concepts discussed in the sessions.