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Why Is Attendance for NAID 2011 Breaking Records?

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In all likelihood, no one reason can account for the dramatic increase in attendance for the upcoming NAID Conference and Expo compared to previous years.

According to Conference Committee Chair Paula Oberst, CSDS, holding the conference on the weekend is a big part of it, and because people are really excited about the new Doctors’ Office Marketing Program.

NAID President Jim Beran agrees, but is quick to add that the new NAID Training Video is probably included on that list, as is the fact that we have two remarkable keynote speakers and more than 30 hours of education.

NAID CEO Bob Johnson, on the other hand, believes it is more systemic. The theme, and more importantly the content, is tapping into obvious signs that things are changing; that there is a real opportunity for attendees to take their services and profits to the next level.

NAID Staff believes that some excitement has been generated from Conference promotion, including the debut of Captain Data Safe—who will make his first live action appearance at this year’s Block Party, held Saturday, March 19th

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what the reason is for increased attendance.  Everything is germane, for lack of a better word. It seems the devil is in the details and the conference committee has gotten those details correct.

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