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Look Who’s a CSDS – NAID Celebrates Industry Expertise

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As of February 1st, 23 industry professionals had successfully emerged from the first round of examinations for the association’s new accreditation.  In doing so, these individuals became among the first to achieve the Certified Secure Destruction Specialist (CSDS) designation now offered by NAID.

According to NAID CEO Bob Johnson, “Becoming a CSDS is a major achievement. Passing the examination requires an in-depth understanding of the secure destruction industry, including data protection legislation, secure destruction operations, physical security, records management, risk management, ethics, and NAID Certification.”  Johnson adds, “While there are some industry professionals who have a grasp of one or another of these areas, it is a remarkable accomplishment to demonstrate expertise in all of them.”

NAID created the CSDS accreditation to promote and acknowledge a comprehensive understanding of the broad range of disciplines related to secure destruction. All of the CSDS applicants to date have participated in the 10-week CSDS webinar series held last fall.

“As evidence of the challenge presented by the curriculum and exam, over 20% of those who took the examination did not succeed,” says NAID Deputy CEO Dustin McKissen.

Effective immediately, the following individuals may rightfully display the CSDS designation and will be so acknowledged on the NAID website:

  • James Bell, CSDS, American Shredding
  • Ken Bertin, CSDS, Associated Records Inc.
  • Ashley Delavane, CSDS, Ag Medical Systems, Inc.
  • Erik Brown, CSDS, American Shredding
  • Sean Caldwell, CSDS, Confidential On-Site Paper Shredding
  • Marty Corsberg, CSDS, Absolute Shredding
  • Stephen Dedmon, CSDS, Secure Destruction Service
  • Don Drake, CSDS, Shred-it Madison
  • Bruce Gilman, CSDS, Advanced Document Destruction, LLC
  • Rick Griesser, CSDS, A.R.M.S.
  • Josh Hartwell, CSDS, Associated Records Inc
  • Lori Kennedy, CSDS, Shred Patrol
  • Keith Kramer, CSDS, Gateway Confidential
  • Jeff Locke, CSDS, Shredman
  • Dan Mattock, CSDS, PC Recycler
  • Scot McFarland, CSDS, Ray's Trash Svc, Inc.
  • Paula Oberst, CSDS, Ohio Mobile Shredding
  • Timothy Oberst, CSDS, Ohio Mobile Shredding
  • Andrew Portare, CSDS, PC Recycler
  • Lane R. Olson, CSDS, A-OK Moving, Shredding & Storage
  • Greg Smitas, CSDS, R4 Services, LLC
  • Tina Ragsdale, CSDS, Metro Business Archives
  • Mark Wieland, CSDS, Shred-it Madison

The next CSDS examination will be held in conjunction with the 2011 NAID Annual Conference and Expo in Orlando on March 18, 2011. 

Click here to download a CSDS Exam Registration Form for the March 18th CSDS Exam opportunity at the NAID Conference.

There will also be a 2-day CSDS Immersion Training Course held March 9-10, 2011 in Chicago, IL.

Click here to download a Registration Form for the CSDS Immersion Training Course March 9-10 in Chicago.