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Board Nominations Close 2011 Elections to Boast Competitive Field of Highly Qualified Candidates

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Advanced nominations for the 2010 NAID Board of Directors elections officially closed on November 15th, and the good news is more than 19 highly qualified NAID Member representatives could be contending for the open seats.

Even though it is premature to announce the names of the candidates, it is a sure sign of the health of the organization that so many have shown an interest in guiding NAID’s future.

In 2011, members will be asked to elect Directors and Officers to fill a number of term-limited seats on the NAID board, including 2 Directors’ seats, the office of Treasurer, and the office of President-Elect.  In addition, the Director seat slated for the Maximum Dues Member category, and the seats for NAID-Australasia, NAID-Europe and NAID-Canada will be filled.  The resulting full NAID Board will be comprised of 13 NAID Active Member representatives, the Vendor Liaison, and the NAID Executive Director.

Not surprisingly, the most contended for seats at this point are the 2 open Directors’ seats, for which, at least initially, 9 candidates have been nominated.

The 2011 NAID Board Election will be until the Annual Business Meeting on March 19th in Orlando during the conference.  Absentee ballots will be available for those who cannot attend.  Nominations will be briefly reopened during the meeting.

The final list of 2011 NAID Board Candidates will be published in January.