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NAID Board Goes Global at Conference

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Over the last decade an increasing percentage of NAID Member-companies are based outside the US. 

Last year, NAID Member representatives ratified a bylaws change that added region specific directors’ seats to make recognized NAID’s emergence as a global organization. 

As a result, three highly regarded and long-standing industry professionals will join the NAID Board of directors and represent the interests of members in Canada, Europe and Australasia.

The NAID-Europe director’s seat will be filled by Yarom Ophir of Swiss-based KATANA SA.  Mr. Ophir was elected by his colleagues to serve as the NAID-Europe chair and NAID director last month, and has been active in NAID and NAID-Europe since 2002.  Last year, KATANA SA became the first company in Switzerland to achieve NAID Certification.

The NAID-Canada director’s seat will go to Dave Carey of Iron Mountain.  Like Mr. Ophir, Dave was recently elected to the position of NAID-Canada chair by his peers and he has been active in NAID and NAID-Canada for many years.

The NAID-Australasia director’s seat will be filled by Van Karas of Shred-X based in Yatala, Queensland, Australia.  Van just completed over two years as the NAID-Australasia Committee.  Unlike Canada and Europe, the Australasia Committee chose to have the previous committee chair ascend to the NAID Board.

All regional directors serve a two-year term.

The addition of the new directors increases the full board to 5 officers, 4 general directors, 1 director from the member companies paying the maximum level of dues, and 3 regional directors.  The executive director and the vendor liaison are ex-officio members of the board, meaning they do not vote.