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Conference registration includes license fee for new NAID video

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As previously announced, NAID will release a new sales video at the NAID 2012 Annual Conference. The video, under the working title “A False Sense of Security,” explains why small shredders in the office provide security or compliance. The video also shows how outsourcing is more secure and less expensive even for smaller offices.

Those who attend the conference will get an advanced look at the new video. In addition, the licensing agreement for the use of the video is included with conference registration.

Also, the new video will be available to those members not represented at the conference. The standard NAID licensing agreement and fee will apply. The video will only be available to active and franchise member companies.

According to NAID CEO Bob Johnson, it is completely different from the Customer Training Video. “The training video explains to employees (and employers) why data destruction is so critically important but it does not promote outsourcing or explains its advantages,” said Johnson. “That was not its purpose. Unlike the training video, this is strictly a sales tool. As a result, it is shorter with a highly focused message.”