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It’s official: HIPAA modifications from HITECH final in March

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In an article on the,Susan McAndrew, deputy director for health at the Office for Civil Rights’ (OCR) said the long-delayed final rule on the how the HITECH mandates will be reflected in HIPAA will be released in March.

"OCR is making every effort to publish the final rules on all of the remaining HITECH Act provisions so these important protections and expansions of individual rights under the HIPAA privacy and security rules can be made available uniformly to consumers across the country," McAndrew told HealthcareInfoSecurity. "OCR is proceeding with all deliberate speed to ensure the major impacts of these regulations are fully understood and addressed."

About the immanent release HIPAA/HITECH final rule, NAID CEO Bob Johnson stated, “About 18 months ago, HHS gave us a look at the proposed final rule. If the final rule looks anything like that, it holds dramatic implications for our industry. Our strategy of arming members with tools aimed at doctors’ offices and employee training, as well as launching Downstream Data Coverage will be completely validated.”

Johnson added, “Having Tom Dumez, a certified HIPAA compliance trainer, present at the NAID 2012 Annual Conference was timed to take advantage of the release but we had no idea the timing would be that good.”

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