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NAID Launches New Website

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After nearly a year and a half of planning and development, NAID launched its brand new website on February 11. The site is designed to better serve members and position NAID as the global organization it is. The new layout will also make finding what members need easier—as well as expand the features available to members. The revised site will also allow NAID to add additional features in the coming months, including the ability to submit membership applications online, submit Certification applications online, and a legislative and regulatory information page—among others.

The new site incorporates all of NAID’s various international web pages, and NAID’s European members can translate the site into French, German, Italian, and Spanish. NAID-Canada members are able to translate their site into French.

“This site strengthens NAID’s influence worldwide, which benefits all members,” says longtime Board member and Past President Tim Oberst. “This has been something the Association has long had as a goal, and on behalf of the Board and general membership, I am thrilled that the site has been launched.”

While the site has been live for almost two weeks, NAID is encouraging members to contact Deputy CEO Dustin McKissen with comments, corrections, or suggestions. The first month of the site’s existence is intended to be a “beta” phase, and any corrections will be made as we receive them. Dustin can be contacted at