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Free HIPAA/HITECH Subcontractor BA Agreement Now Ready

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One HITECH amendment to HIPAA requires that Business Associates (service providers) that subcontract any health data-related destruction services to another service provider have a Business Associate (BA) Agreement in place.  Prior to this, it was only necessary for there to be a BA Agreement between the Covered Entity (health care provider) and the Business Associate.

To create the Subcontractor BA Agreement, NAID again turned to Kirk Nahra, considered one of the foremost legal authorities on privacy matters, and particularly highly regarded for his understanding of HITECH and HIPAA.

You may also recognized Mr. Nahra as the editor of the IAPP monthly publication, The Privacy Advisor, or as one of the speakers recently added to the final NAID Conference session that will discuss how health care providers are responding to HITECH.

To obtain the NAID HIPAA/HITECH Subcontractor BA Agreement, NAID Active/Franchise Members must submit the Standard Industry Contract Release Form.  The form requires that the member indicate which of the Standard Industry Contracts they are requesting.

Click here to download the Standard Industry Contract Release Form.