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NAID adds record number of new members in first quarter

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As the first quarter ends, 79 organizations have joined the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID), one of the largest quarterly growth numbers to date. Of the 79, 10 were in the NAID-Asia region, one was in NAID-Canada region and three were in the NAID-Europe region.

Last year, NAID signed up 251 new members, just 13 shy of 2010 and 50 more than 2009. This growth can be attributed to the expansion into Asian, with five of the new member organizations attending the annual conference in March, and the recent concentration on European initiatives (i.e., the consumer attitudes study and the European Commission’s data protection directive).

“NAID continued growth is a sign of the resiliency of the secure destruction industry as well as a vindication of NAID’s mission,” said NAID CEO Bob Johnson. “As long as we stay focused on serving that mission, we’ll continue to attract new members from this expanding market.”

At its current rate of growth, NAID is on course to surpass last year’s number. Heading into the second quarter of 2012, NAID has already added 20 more new members and continues to do so at a steady rate. This membership growth is an indication that secure destruction companies are recognizing the importance of meeting industry standards as consumers demand more security for their personal data.