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Members vote for their favorite sales gimmick videos

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There is still time for NAID members to enter the Sales Gimmick Video Contest. The only requirement to compete, besides working for a NAID member company, is to cast a vote on the NAID Facebook page for one of the sales gimmick videos. The Gift, The End and False Alarm were originally presented during NAID Tonight at the NAID 2012 Annual Conference. Voters will be automatically entered into the contest to win one of four $200 gift cards, with the grand prize winner also receiving a featured role in a future sales video. A random drawing for the prizes will be held the first week of June and posted to NAIDTV. Only NAID members are eligible to win a prize. The sales gimmick videos will be removed from NAIDTV at the conclusion of the contest; however, NAID Tonight will be posted in its entirety the first week in June.