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NAID forms task force to study destruction of information on SSDs

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NAID has formed a task force of respected electronics data destruction industry professionals and outside consultants to develop a standard for what constitutes “reasonable” destruction of information stored on solid state drives (SSDs). This task force must take into consideration the attendant technology, knowledge, expense, and likelihood of accessing or reconstructing meaningful data. 

According to NAID Chief Compliance Officer Holly Vandervort, “Every data protection regulation in the developed world is based on the principle of reasonableness, a standard which can only be determined by understanding the risks and technology. This task force will attempt to develop a body of knowledge that consumers can use to make informed decisions on their SSD disposition strategy.”

In addition to setting a reasonableness standard for destruction of SSD data, the task force will also evaluate methods, procedures and quality assurance used in the process. The project will ultimately lead to a NAID-sponsored whitepaper defending the consensus achieved by the task force, that will also provide information allow data custodians to form their own reasonableness standard for the destruction of information on SSDs.