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2011 NAID Conference Breaks Records

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When the dust settled from the NAID 2011 Annual Conference it was apparent that it would set a new benchmark for future events.

Not only did total attendance exceed 900 participants, a new record, attendees widely reported that the quality of sessions, speakers, and topics was better than ever.

Noteworthy Keynotes: Ken Schmidt, the marketing guru behind Harley Davidson’s turnaround, was both entertaining and enlightening as he revealed what Harley learned about how and why buying decisions are made.

Chief Richard “Pitch” Picciotto riveted the audience as he shared how he and his fellow NYFD firefighters charged up the stairwells of the World Trade Center on 9/11, and what it was like to be inside one of the towers as it fell around them. One could not help but be filled with pride to be in the same room with someone of such courage and compassion.

Other than the keynote presentations, every session was directly aimed at helping attendees succeed in the secure destruction business.  The session unveiling new NAID programs such as the Doctors’ Office Marketing Program and the New Customer Training Video were especially well received.

In all, there were more than 30 sessions, all designed to help attendees be the New Data Protection Heroes of the Information Age.  As it turns out, there are a lot more NAID members now a step closer to becoming those heroes.